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good morning, it's 5 february 2017

...or will be in another 34 minutes in Cascadia, anyway.

Other people are starting to catch on that the Bannon plan really is for a religious/racial war. Also, 8chan wants Antifa to be declared terrorists. I'm including a small essay I wrote earlier on Dreamwidth, aimed at anybody who actually still thinks of themselves as a non-fascist conservative. And several other items rounded out Saturday.

----- 1 -----
8chan makes petition to declare Antifa terrorists
2 February 2017

[They're blaming the low signature count on Soros, who they explicitly hate as a "a Jew."]

----- 2 -----
Here's How Much Betsy DeVos And Her Family Paid To Back GOP Senators Who Will Support Her
It's good to be a donor.
02/02/2017 07:22 pm ET | Huffington Post

WASHINGTON ― The nomination of billionaire heiress Betsy DeVos to head the Department of Education is one vote shy of failing in the Republican-controlled Senate. One thing that could come to her aid is that she and the entire DeVos family are massive Republican Party donors who helped fund the election of the remaining senators who will decide her fate.

Big donors often get positions in government, ambassadorships or ceremonial titles, but rarely do they come as big as DeVos. Sitting Republican senators have received $115,000 from Betsy DeVos herself, and more than $950,000 from the full DeVos clan since 1980. In the past two election cycles alone, her family has donated $8.3 million to Republican Party super PACs.

----- 3 -----
Inside the White House-Cabinet battle over Trump’s immigration order
By Josh Rogin February 4 at 7:00 AM
The Washington Post

Editor’s Note: Prior to publication of this column, The Post sought comment from the Department of Homeland Security but not from the White House. We should have done both. After publication, White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer told The Post that Stephen Bannon did not travel to see Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly on the evening of Jan. 28. – Fred Hiatt

On the evening of Saturday, Jan. 28, as airport protests raged over President Trump’s executive order on immigration, the man charged with implementing the order, Homeland Security Secretary John F. Kelly, had a plan. He would issue a waiver for lawful permanent residents, a.k.a. green-card holders, from the seven majority-Muslim countries whose citizens had been banned from entering the United States.

White House chief strategist Stephen K. Bannon wanted to stop Kelly in his tracks. Bannon paid a personal and unscheduled visit to Kelly’s Department of Homeland Security office to deliver an order: Don’t issue the waiver. Kelly, according to two administration officials familiar with the confrontation, refused to comply with Bannon’s instruction. That was the beginning of a weekend of negotiations among senior Trump administration staffers that led, on Sunday, to a decision by Trump to temporarily freeze the issuance of executive orders.

----- 4 -----
Muslim Cop Files Lawsuit Over Alleged Threats, Harassment from NYPD Colleagues
by Chris Fuchs | NBC News
February 2017

An NYPD officer was physically attacked and called a "Muslim bitch" as colleagues attempted to rip off the hijab she was wearing, a new lawsuit filed in Manhattan federal court alleges.

Officer Danielle Alamrani, who became a cop in 2006 and converted to Islam a year later, claims in her suit dated Feb. 2 that once she started wearing the headscarf on duty, her colleagues refused to work with her.

In 2010, a sergeant joked in front of fellow officers that Alamrani should not "detonate on patrol," a comment that drew laughter, according to court documents. And on Christmas day in 2012, two officers allegedly attacked Alamrani at the precinct and tried to rip off her hijab, the lawsuit states.

----- 5 -----
Steve Bannon Described U.S. Jews as 'Enablers' of Jihad
The statement made by Trump's now top adviser appeared in a 2007 proposal for a documentary that was never made called 'The Islamic States of America,' the Washington Post reported.
JTA - Feb 04, 2017 1:17 PM

In a proposal of a documentary on a purported Islamic plan to take over America, Steve Bannon, U.S. President Donald Trump’s top strategic adviser, described the “American Jewish community” as among unwitting “enablers” of Jihad.

Bannon, a former banker who transitioned into a career as an ultranationalist propagandist, culminating in his becoming a top adviser to the Trump campaign, made several right-wing documentaries in the 2000s.

The Washington Post reported Friday on a 2007 proposal for a documentary that was never made called “The Islamic States of America.” It would be comprised of interviews of people who, like Bannon, believe that the threat posed to the West is broader than Islamist extremist terrorists, embracing an array of Muslim advocacy groups.

It describes as “enablers among us” – albeit with the “best intentions” — major media outlets, the CIA and FBI, civil liberties groups, “universities and the left” and the “American Jewish Community.”

----- 6 -----
Opinion // Trump Needs a Holy War
It's an inconceivably scary thought that the Trump administration is simply winging it, breakneck, disrupting and detonating and taking America apart - and all of it without a plan. But here's the even scarier possibility - that there is, in fact, a plan.
Bradley Burston | Feb 01, 2017 2:35 PM

It's an inconceivably scary thought that the Trump administration is simply winging it, breakneck, disrupting and detonating and taking America apart - and all of it without a plan.

But here's the even scarier possibility - that there is, in fact, a plan.

A plan which would dramatically concentrate and expand Donald Trump's power, inflame and mobilize his base, whip up and and leverage racism, Islamophobia and, at a later stage, if needed, anti-Semitism, in order to slough all shortcomings onto scapegoats.

He needs a war.

He needs a war to reconcile the contradictions of a populist and extravagantly self-contradictory election campaign, in which he vowed to rebuild the military to historic levels while also slashing government spending. He needs the kind of war that could make good his vows to revive heavy industrial manufacturing and the mining of "beautiful coal."

A war would free him to green-light mammoth corporate monopolies, and to provide the ultimate pretext, the emergency imperative, for abrogating on a massive scale the most basic of constitutional guarantees to individual freedoms - gun ownership excepted.

A war would underscore his contentions that his critics are weak, his rivals myopic, liberals perverse, immigrants suspect, leftists metastases, journalists -Fox News and Breitbart excepted - subversive, anti-American, knowingly and treasonously and shrewdly deceitful.

A war would make it clear that it's not mass casualty shootings by loner white males that makes Americans unsafe. It is, rather, the specter of the swarthy Muslim we have never met, which should keep us up at night - even if that Muslim is in actual life a saint among physicians or a decorated former brother-in-arms of U.S. troops overseas.

Donald Trump needs a war. But not just any war. He needs just the right global non-Christian, all-powerful, all-frightening, non-white, non-negotiable enemy.

He needs a Holy War.

And he needs a doomsday weapon he can rely on. As it happens, he already has one. It's called Steve Bannon. And Steve Bannon, ideologue, impresario, scorcher of Republican earth, has been talking Holy War for years.

----- 7 -----
It Looks Like Someone Curated The Wikileaks Emails Before They Were Published
While the anti-secrecy group has said that they released all the emails that were provided to them, some messages are suspiciously missing. “The idea that Wikileaks and Julian Assange is about some kind of high minded transparency is totally completely full of shit,” a Democratic staffer said.
Buzzfeed | Sheera Frenkel
posted on Feb. 3, 2017, at 6:00 p.m.

SAN FRANCISCO — Thousands of messages may be missing from the cache of stolen emails that Wikileaks made public last year from senior members of the Democratic Party, according to campaign staffers and journalists who told BuzzFeed News that they noticed their own correspondence missing from the emails made public.

Wikileaks, which has refused to say where it obtained the emails of senior members of the Democratic Party, has repeatedly claimed that they do not curate or modify the content they are given. US intelligence officials have said that Wikileaks obtained the emails through state-sponsored Russian hackers who breached the DNC system and then made the emails public in a campaign to try and influence the 2016 elections in favor of then-Republican nominee Donald Trump.

Wikileaks did not respond to a request for comment from BuzzFeed News, asking whether they selectively released the emails from the DNC, or if they were aware that some of the emails from the January 2015 to May 2016 time frame covered in the Wikileaks DNC email database were missing.


“I think it is unknown that these emails were not just dumped, there was curation happening here,” said another campaign staffer, who also requested anonymity in exchange for discussing the emails. “I would find part of an email chain, but not other parts. At times, the parts missing were the parts that would have given context to the whole discussion.”

Still, he said, among the missing emails was nothing “explosive, or holy shit… a lot of it was mundane stuff or stuff that flushed out and gave context.”

Many of the Democratic Party campaign staffers who spoke to BuzzFeed News said it was hard to tell exactly how many messages were missing, since their emails were set to automatically delete every 30 days.

“The Russians had our emails but we didn’t have them. There was a joke going around at some point, that if you were looking for an old email on something, you could just find it on Wikileaks if it wasn’t in your inbox anymore,” said the second Democratic Party staffer.

----- 8 -----
a small reminder
me, on dreamwidth and livejournal
4 February 2017

I think it's an appropriate time to remind any actual conservatives out there that the last thing to make Marxism really popular - I mean, actually, legitimately popular - in the US? Fascism.

I mean it. Seriously. Actual fascism - and all it entails - managed to turn a rampaging monster like Stalin into our pal "Uncle Joe." That ... that took a lot.

So when you're thinking about exactly how hard should you hold onto your reflexive alliance with white supremacists and neofascists like Bannon and Milo, think about that history. Think about it real hard.

Because right now, you've got a whole generation of people who have grown up being told that online death and rape threats and doxxing, and systematic harassment, is just something they should deal with. Conservatives have been saying all that is just Free Speech, and embracing the abuse organisers and agreeing that the solution is that women should "just log off." They don't even bother addressing people of colour.

Like you can fucking log off. That's saying, "stop being in society." That's "hide thyself in a nunnery." That's "give in," that's "go die," that's "accept being absolutely without value to us." It's the opposite of an answer - it's support for the abusers.

Meanwhile, at the same time, and in response to this same situation, the so-called "liberal" side of things has been giving fuck and all of a response, with occasional dishwatery tsk-tsk statements and a lot of hand-writing about violating the rights of people who are literally trying to organise ethnic cleansing.

On the other hand, the Marxists were out way in front, talking about this in the context of economic politics, racial politics, and how fascism is the natural end-state of late-stage capitalism. Who is on the ground fighting the fascists? The antifa (anti-fascist) movement, which while not by any means universally Marxist, is generally very left.

When Richard Spencer - who has personally published articles supporting genocide - got oh-so-deservedly punched in the face on camera, who cheered? Everybody who has been targeted - almost all the women and a decent number of men of an entire generation, a lot of women of all generations, and a decent number of other men besides.

And, of these political factions, which said "about FUCKING time DO MORE OF THAT" and who, by contrast, lectured about how you have to have polite and respectful discussion with people who are literally planning your mass murder?

Conservatives, and mainstream liberals, you want a roadmap to actual popular Marxism? Guess what: you don't need a fucking roadmap. You've already built the road.

----- 9 -----
Seen on Twitter - @NerdyChristie - 4 February 2017

Since when is it OK to post addresses (incl room #s!) in stories, @nytimes?! These students had to be relocated!!


----- 10 -----
NYC subway car covered with fascist graffiti
Seen on twitter - 4 February 2017


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