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let's put this in order

If you wanted to follow on overcoming the fear of spiders in chronological order - it is kind of futile, and not how I intended it to be read. But here is a chronological ordering of the story, by chapter and part number, as I was asked a couple of times now for that. I probably won't update this post, but it is correct as of today. (Okay, I updated it, it's now correct for the entire story.)

All chapters have final numbers and are posted. I am including only chapters already written. I am redacting titles of chapters not yet published. Chapters numbered ???## have probable numbers but they aren't final. Chapters ??? can't have usable numbers yet, as they will appear after others not yet written.

I consider the second movement, "Restored," to be two related mini-movements, but there is only one name, so they are combined here.

Some people would consider this spoilery (if nothing else, because of movement titles), so enjoy a cut tag.

The Overture:
Chapter 10: mondatta (1), until falling into darkness
     Much of chapter 10 transpires outside normal time

In autumn of 2070: (Not an arc)
Chapter 23: the home they'd built together (the middle sections only)
     I particularly do not recommend reading this here; it is told as a story being related in 2074

Chapter 4: amélie, perched on a walkway (October 2072)
Chapter 2: I don't know how much charge is left (June 2073)
Chapter 3: a very old code and a keypad lock (August 2073)
Chapter 1: This is a very clever piece of hardware (August 2073)
Chapter 6: blue and grey and a bit too much red (August 2073)
Chapter 10: mondatta (1), after falling into darkness (August 2073)
     Much of chapter 10 transpires outside normal time

Part 1:
Chapter 7: ten thousand metres over Greece and exploded (August 2073)
Chapter 9: en el nuevo año, busque una nueva sombra (late September 2073)
Chapter 12: we are very convenient people to blame (end of September 2073)
Part 2:
Chapter 5: a three second lag, with glasses (November 2073)
Chapter 13: Una singola figura che corre da solo, come un turista catturato sotto la pioggia (December 2073)
Chapter 14: Would you feel better, or worse, if I said yes? (February 2074)
Chapter 11, part 2: Un ballet d'enchevêtrement quantique, en deux parties. (February 2074)

Exiled/The Prodigal Daughter:
Chapter 15: Don't Forget; I Never Do (1 March 2074)
Chapter 16: Have we ever encountered a Talon agent without a web? (9 March 2074)
     Side-story: I think it was the white sauce (9 March 2074)
Chapter 17: the hacker and the cowboy (10 March 2074)
Chapter 18: Brighton, on the beach (24 March 2074)
Chapter 19: Mercy (2 April 2074)
Chapter 8: a fillette of chinon red, so dark, almost purple (late April 2074)
Chapter 20: The grinding stone (2 May 2074)
Chapter 21: That which remains (3 and 4 May, 2074)
Chapter 22: Twenty seconds into the future (4 and 5 May, 2074)

The Return/Becoming:
Chapter 23: the home they'd built together (wrapper, 1 June 2074. Core, 2070 (see above))
Chapter 24: anger management (2 June 2074)
Chapter 25: "Show me," said the Widowmaker (3 June 2074)
Chapter 11, Part 1: Un ballet d'enchevêtrement quantique, en deux parties. (late August 2074)
Chapter 26: memories of the fire (1 September 2074)
     The events of Chapter 10 are happening here, as they
     are every time this particular thing happens.

Chapter 27: a modernist improvisation (February 2075)

Revolutionise the World:
Chapter 29, part 3: a triple entente (April 2075)
Chapter 29, part 2: a triple entente (October 2075)
Chapter 28: an uncomfortable silence (October 2075)
Chapter 29, part 1: a triple entente (November 2075)
Chapter 30: mondatta (2) (Summer of 2076)
     These events overlay Chapter 10.
Chapter 31: the broken strand in the web of the world (Summer of 2076)

Chapter 32: the longest way home (Spring and summer of 2077)

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