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woah, that's neat

Levelled up in writer today, apparently - got a comment from a guy on AO3 that I'd kept him up all night as he binge-read on overcoming the fear of spiders and Old Soldiers.

Also, I turned a game completely around yesterday by showing up as Widowmaker, much like I often do by showing up as Tracer. They were getting steamrolled, and then I replaced someone, and then they weren't, and we won. I've also now made an enemy Widowmaker retire from the field. My scoped percentage isn't climbing much lately, which bugs me, but my critical hit per game count most definitely is. Widowmaker play is showing up in more of my highlights, and I'm occasionally getting Plays of the Game.

I'm getting close to being willing to take Widowmaker into competitive play. I'm not there yet. But... I'm closing in.

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