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huh, another oldschool meme

Grabbed from [personal profile] ckd who got it from other people.

Tattoos: None
Surgeries: Lots. Four on eyes alone.
Broken bones: Yes
Shot a gun: Yes
Quit a job: Yes
Flown on a plane: Yes, including little seaplanes.
100+miles in car: lol touring musician yes
Gone zip lining: No
Watched someone give birth: No
Watched someone dying: No
Ridden in an ambulance: Yes
Been to Canada: HAHAHAHAHAHA Yes
... to Europe: Only Scotland, but yes.
... to Washington D.C: Yes
... to Florida: Yes
... to Colorado: ...Not really. Only in layovers.
... to Mexico: Nope
... to Las Vegas: Yes
Sang karaoke: Yes
Had a pet: Yes
Been downhill skiing: Yes
Gone snowboarding: No, honestly, what even is that no.
Ability to read music: Sort of. I can piece my way through it slowly. Mostly it's an ocean of dots and lines.
Rode a motorcycle: Yes
Rode a horse: Yes
Stayed in a hospital: Yes
Driven a stick shift: Yes
Ride in Police Car: No
Driven a Boat: Yes (Sailboat)
Eaten Escargot: No
Seen a UFO: No
Been on a Cruise: No
Run out of Gas: Yes, in grad school, while at an ATM to pull out enough money to buy a couple more gallons of gas.
Eat Sushi: Yes
Seen a Ghost: No

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