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well, that was pleasant

I haven't posted much about gaming for a week or so because it's been total ass. At least, my Widowmaker play has been. My aim just completely fell apart and I still don't know why.

The last few days I've played nothing but here, because I decided the only way out is through, and that seems to be holding up. It does mean losing a lot (a lot) of Deathmatch games (where I kind of suck), but my aim is pulling back together.

So there have bean a few highlights of the recovery period. First being a Play of the Game domino shot - one shot, two kills. (I also took out enemy Pharah as she was in her ult, but it took a couple of rounds.) That wasn't the breakthough game, where I started turning it around? It was the game after I could feel something shift, and my aim started coming back.

It's still not where I want it to be - not close. But my scoped percentage is back up to my old average, and more importantly, my criticals per game is meaningfully up. I can still feel the mechanical problems with my trigger pull, though - if I can get that worked out, I should come out ahead.

Oh, and tonight, I had fun with back to back games in King's Row; on defence, where I decisively won an extended duel with enemy Widowmaker (including headshotting her out of the gate); and then, on the turnaround, seeing that enemy Reaper thought it would be funny to hang around on the edge of the upper door, and, again, doors open, headshot. Go to sleep. Because honestly... what kind of goddamn amateur do you think you're dealing with here?

We won both. Of course.

Oh yeah, I also punched a Reaper to death in deathmatch. Not as fun as punching Doomfist to death, which I've had the pleasure to do, but... fun.

I am worried, though - I think part of what brought my shot down so badly is going back to playing more Pharah. And that, of course, is hitscan vs. tracking shots, which are very different, and... hopefully, I have room in my head for both. I like playing Pharah. I'd hate to have to pick one or the other.

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