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definitely a kill everyone day

isc-dhcp-server isn't relaying packets properly after the power outage. why? WHO THE FUCK KNOWS, IT'S LINUX. (current Debian, to be specific.)

* Packets to door (the server) from DHCP machines get there 100% of the time. (Also true for packets from the fixed-IP LAN.)
* Packets originating on door get to all destinations 100% of the time.
* Packets to the fixed-IP LAN from DHCP machines (going though door) get there about 50% of the time.
* Packets to the modem itself (which has a fixed IP address on the same subnet as the fixed-IP LAN) from the same sources get through 10%-20% of the time. This is also the same card as the fixed-IP LAN. Why one address on the fixed-IP LAN is getting special treatment? FUCKIN' GOT ME. I presume it has something to do with being the gateway. But if we take out the exceptions in the router table for the servers, and send everything through said gateway, nothing changes. Packet failure at about the same rate across the same classes.
* No DHCP client packets get past the points described. (Zero packets to internet, even ones that reach the internet modem.)
* All servers (fixed-IP LAN) talk to the internet just fine.


eta: It gets stupider. door drops half of DHCP-sourced packets to newmoon (fixed-IP lan), but drops none to lodestone (web server). Didn't think to play with that there is zero reason for them to be different. And yet.

eta2: it's not the NICs. or the switches. don't ask. yes, three hardware iterations later, I'm sure. It's not hardware.

eta3: apt-get remove and apt-get install of isc-dhcp-server changed NOTHING. what. the. fuck.

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