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a tremendous compliment

Just playing at Hollywood, on defence, as Widowmaker, first point. I've been on fire a lot of the round, just poppin' off enemy team left and right - even Genji and - despite enemy Easy Mode Hanzo doing his best to kill me, and being the only one coming close.

And they're running short on time when he finally gets me with one of his stupid no-aim bouncy arrows, and as I fall, I see his whole team charging 'round the both sides of the chokepoint, together, as a group, the instant I go down.

They'd been waiting. They'd been waiting for him to take me out and hiding until then, because they'd given up on getting past me.

(And yeah, they took the first point while I was out. And they won the whole game, partly because my team wouldn't get on the payload - I golded in that, too - and partly because I was first target of everyone at all times once they figured out the fucking Widowmaker was the lynchpin, and everyone else were basically cupcakes.)

I've rarely felt more complimented in a game of any kind. Just the degree of, 'the only one of us who can hit you is Hanzo, so we're gonna wait it out and charge in if he gets lucky' in that moment... unf. Thank you.

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