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Today is stupidly busy but I have time for like three rounds of play before back to things, right?

Widowmaker, at Hollywood, on defence. I've been on. All three games, turns out, as Tracer, as Widowmaker, as later. But particularly as Widowmaker.

They got the first point just as time wound down, and have moved the payload some. Enemy Reinhardt is coming down towards the payload from spawn, I get a good shot on him but not a headshot; a second like it would take him out. He throws up his shield and I toss a venom mine where he can't move forward (or to the sides because of where he is) without triggering it. He can't smash it 'cause he'd have to drop his shield and I'd finish him. All he can do is back up, which ends that attack run.

And he looks up at me, and down at the mine, and back up at me, and says, "I SALUTE YOU!" And I say thanks. And he retreats. It was lovely.

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