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oh just fuck me

Yeah, that was too nice. Guess who has another aim collapse tonight? ME!

Bottomed out at 4%. jesus fucking christ how do you even aim that badly? WELL, FUCKING WATCH ME DO IT.

why does this happen? I hate it so much.

I know from experience the only way out is through. Tipoffs are I start spiralling in with the controller stick instead of actually, you know, aiming directly. As Widowmaker in particular, that's how to fucking die. Trying to correct for that works as far as that part goes, but then my length-of-time-'till-fire is fucked up - I may be moving the sight correctly, but the timing is still based on the endless-fucking-spiral-in.

Got back up to 12% when I ran out of practice time which hopefully means I'm already working through it. They last anywhere from an hour to three days - tho' I haven't had one last more than a day in a while.

fucking miserable

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