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aw yeah another deathmatch ffa victory

By the percentages, today was not a great day in training - Widowmaker-only headshot-only free-for-all. My composite headshot hit rate was a mere 12% for the day, which normally would mean a whole lot of being kicked out.

But I wasn't. Not once. Came close a couple of times, but... didn't, always managed to grab a last-second headshot, even in the most difficult of the games.

And then I went into regular/all-players FFA and won, outright, going away. By the end of the game, they were just running from me on sight.


That was... fun. I was helped by only having to deal with one tank, a, who I mostly avoided. The best part, I think, was making Pharah reconsider her life choices and come back as Soldier: 76. It didn't help, but I forced her out of the air, which was nice.

Also, the fun part about having three Tracers after your ass as Widowmaker - other than, aheh, the obvious - is that they might all trigger your mine and all take damage, giving you a lovely three kills in a nice little group.

So all in all, a much nicer training round than I'd've thought from the raw numbers.

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