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send moar reapers

I spend a lot of time in Widowmaker-only headshot-only free-for-all deathmatch custom games, wherein my play swings between “warnings that I’m gonna get booted for inactivity because I can’t fucking hit anything” and this. Consistency? What the fuck is consistency?

But then after an hour in that drill hell then I'll go into general FFA deathmatch for a round? And that’s always better. I love it - love it - when I'm playing a Reaper who is absolutely convinced that if he just teleports up next to me the right way, it'll work this time and he won't get shot in the head before he can fire.

Really, I think he was mad 'cause the round started with this, and then he charged at me again (without even teleporting) and the same thing happened? So he was fucking determined to make it work.

[Narrator: It never worked.]

Best part was that one of those guys got Play of the Game, but it was for a death blossom, when really, it should’ve been a montage of his materialisation headshot deaths courtesy me. O(≧∇≦)O

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