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i can deal with that

I've now had the... frankly, pleasure... of being booted from a bad-Widowmakers-only custom game, one that I didn't know was bad-Widowmaker-only because it wasn't tagged appropriately.

(If you're going to set up a widow-only headshot-only ffa game for beginners only, tag it as such. People generally do and the better players generally respect it.)

All over the fucking place continues to describe my target practice rounds (these widow-only games HS-only games), today particularly. I shot 50% headshot through the first third of a round today, then struggled, and went 0 for 21 before being booted the very next round. Round after that? Backfill halfway through, shot 28%, finished 5th overall out of 12 as backfill. (And was shooting, again, for a while, at 50%+ headshot.)

Then immediately struggled not to time out next round, but recovered.

I look over my overall numbers in these special games since I started keeping numbers and honestly they say I haven't improved. I guess I could be getting harder games, since the bad-Widows-only thing only became really popular in the last few weeks, and so there started being a distinction, and maybe I was in some mostly-bad-Widowmaker games at the beginning and that's throwing my numbers around. I dunno.

But... I do think I feel like my good streaks are much better than they were. And I had a couple of people from the widowtracer discord watching me play a bit in one of those yesterday and saying that I was doing some "next-level shit" and that I am OP, and I thought yesterday that I was pretty terrible, so... that made me feel better.

I have to get some consistency going. I really do. BUT NOT CONSISTENTLY BAD THAT IS NOT BETTER. You know.

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