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ugh, placement

Very frustrated. Went back into comp today, went through placement, got placed in low silver (5 wins, 5 losses, every loss but one I was golding in all the things, they say that matters but I really don't think it does). This play in particular was a real “what do I have to do?!” moment, because I cleared the point solo like this several times and we still couldn’t win.

This is a play from one where we did win, but barely. I dunno. I can carry teams in quickplay but apparently not in comp. (And no, I’m not trying to play superstar/carry artist, not in comp, I’m usually the one desperately trying to get people to group up. Like, the last two post-placement games I was in, both losses, the 5-group I was clumped with came into match chat (finally) to tell me that I was absolutely crushing it (as Widowmaker, Tracer, and a little Orisa in those games) but clearly I wans’t crushing it enough, because we lost, and now I’m down in bronze.)

I have another highlight I haven't uploaded where I'm playing Widowmaker on defence, and we hold, but it's a push, but what's crazy about it is that I'm playing some seriously heavy-duty Widow:76 because I fucking had to, and when I didn't on the turnaround (on offence) I was able to buy us the first point with some critical headshots, but I couldn't do it on the second point because you really just don't get to do that in Hanamura second point.

I guess, I guess I wish... I had somebody good in comp who could watch me play for a while and tell me what kinds of things I'm doing wrong. People in these games generally are telling me good things - I had a Mercy on my team giving me absolute hell for picking Widow on defence at Eichenwald and then about three minutes in was damn near pocketing me because I was the one killing everyone else. (We won that one.)

So. I dunno. See also the previous post - people looking at the highlights and stuff and saying this is pro-level play and I am seriously OP. And yet: silver. bronze. What am I doing wrong?

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