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that feel when aiming just turns off

Miserable week of gaming. My aim collapsed again - like it does every so often - but instead of a short run of suck, it's been days. I'm finally starting to get it back, but fuck, it's been a grind. This POTG was from one of my last games before the slump started, last... Wednesday? And since then, garbage.

I'm changing the way I'm using the controller, a bit - I'm moving jump to the left hand in a way that lets me keep both thumbs on the sticks throughout jumping. This lets me maintain better aim, or at least try to, in ways I've seen other Widowmakers doing. Leaving out anyone who may be using some sort of weird interface to use keyboard and mouse - theoretically not allowed on PS4 and XBOX - they have to be doing something like this. It's hard getting used to the change, but I can tell that eventually it really will be for the better, as even in this hellish slump, my reticle is staying closer to targets during jumps.

Still, coming out of it, I think. I hope. I finally got a top-four again in Deathmatch FFA (and Play of the Game) today, so that was nice. I was in second until the four people behind me gave up on going at the leader and just dogpiled me repeatedly at the very end. And this Pharah POTG in a losing cause was fun because that Mercy is someone I know in real life, and on the first point, I was playing Tracer, and chased her down and realised, "...wait, is that Torrey?!" and it was. So I apologised to her on Twitter for all of the JUSTICE and she said "you're not sorry" and I said no, I really wasn't. (✿◠‿◠)

Anyway. The only way out is through, and all that.

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