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The Wizard Triumphant: Requiem

For the last little while, bzarcher and I have been quietly working on a three-chapter novelette set in his The Wizard Triumphant series - an Overwatch AU in which both Lena "Tracer" Oxton and Amélie "Widowmaker" Lacroix were reacquired by Talon, and rebuilt to their... preferred... specifications.

There are three chapters; the first is up now, the second will be posted tomorrow (Monday, 25 February 2018), the third the day after, on Tuesday. Because it's a collaboration, I'm not going to post the entire story here - I'm going to link back to AO3, instead.

The Wizard Triumphant, part six: Requiem
Chapter 1: your attendance is hardly expected
by bzarcher and solarbird

The more Angela Ziegler spoke to Slipstream - the woman who had once been Lena Oxton, before Talon acquired her - the more she realized that she needed to say goodbye to the friend she had lost.
[Read on AO3]

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