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The Armourer and the Living Weapon is complete.

The Armourer and the Living Weapon is complete. There are several chapters left to post, and I'll fuss with them more before they go up, two a week I think, but... it's finished.

It's 56,500 words, more or less - it will grow a little as I polish, probably, but no more than 57,000. That's short, by modern novel standards, but it's still a novel, and well outside the 40,000-word upper limit of novella, at least, as recognised by various awards.


One of the first warnings I put up - before I even turned on archive warnings on AO3 - was "CW: this is... gonna be pretty fucked up." Believe me - that has happened. So I can say I have delievered on that, and I can also say now that I have written a novel, and I most certainly did not see that coming a year ago.

Surprising part is, there may be a sequel. It'll be simmering for a while, I think, but...

...yeah. There may be a sequel.

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