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Of Gods and Monsters, Edda 1: Bronze-Eyed Mercy

Of Gods and Monsters
"Edda 1: Bronze-Eyed Mercy"
by solarbird and bzarcher

Moira O'Deorain has won. With her three Weapons - the Changed and copper-eyed Tracer, the silver-eyed Oilliphéist, and golden-eyed Widowmaker - Mora O'Deorain has seized control of Talon. Akande Ogundmu is dead, his war thwarted. Gabriel Reyes is dead, his ever-shifting games of chess at an end. Sanjay Korpal is dead, his corruption excised - and more.

However, even that is not enough, not if she and her peerless weapons are to remake the world, and humanity along with it. She will need an entire collection of tools, a pantheon so powerful that no one could hope to stop her. But just as no plans survive first contact with the enemy, no one person can truly hold back all the wills of all the gods, so sometimes, plans - and perhaps, even, those who make them - must change.

Because this is a co-written work, I'm not reposting the text here. You'll have to read it on AO3.

This is the first edda in a side-step/alternate-ending sequel to The Armourer and the Living Weapon, but you do not need to have read Living Weapon to read it. We are treating it as a standalone work.

The overarcing story will be told in a series of separate eddas, sagas, texts, fragments, and cantos, each of which will serve a specific purpose. To follow it in order, you'll need to subscribe to the series, not any individual work.

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