Solarbird (solarbird) wrote,

fear me, enemy widowmakers

oh gods that feel when you're in an all-widow hs-only ffa and you're one of the ones everybody else is afraid of.

i didn't win - i did lead at times, but finished third. but my k/d ratio was the actual best in game, but more importantly, it's like, in these custom games, there are three tiers: 1) people who are timing out for inactivity 'cause they can't make a headshot before they die, 2) people who are in it for the whole game, usually 50/50 k/d but can be better or worse, but they're working on it, and, 3) people who are the ones who might win.

i've mostly been in that second tier for the longest time but i'm starting to move into the third tier and damn the way you can just feel it.

(the best part is when you're materialising after you got killed, and one of the other widows comes 'round the corner, sees it's you, and just turns and runs. nopes right the fuck out of there. it's glorious.)

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