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silver is hell


we just lost 6 on 5 to a team with a reaper doing exactly the same fucking thing every fucking time

i started calling it out 90 seconds into the game and kept doing so

and the only time it stopped briefly was when i was pharah for a couple of minutes

but then we had no healer so that became me as mercy and then it just kept happening

and with 98 seconds remaining in round four i said

"this is what's going to happen. reaper is going to flank around us and die die die, and that is how they are going to win unless ONE OF YOU STARTS DOING SOMETHING ABOUT IT."

and then i called where he'd flank

and that is exactly what happened.

i spent the entire game calling reaper's actions and not once did they stop him. and only my mercy was keeping them alive at all.

and yet my SR takes the hit.

silver is hell.

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