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Of Gods and Monsters, Fragment s2,1: Late June, 2077

Of Gods and Monsters
Fragment s2,1: Late June, 2077
solarbirdy and bzarcher

Moira O’Deorain has won. Her rivals within Talon destroyed, her trio of loyal Weapons - the Changed and copper-eyed Tracer, the silver-eyed Oilliphéist, and golden-eyed Widowmaker - at her command, to remake the world.

Tracer has captured a terrorist involved in targeting the Omnic community, and brought him in. Angela and Moira could use a test subject, Pharah has security forces to fill out, and Widowmaker could always use another target dummy - so they offer him a choice.

Of Gods and Monsters is a side-step/alternate-ending sequel to The Armourer and the Living Weapon, told in a series of eddas, sagas, fragments, texts, and cantos, all of which serve their individual purposes. Eddas and Sagas appear late Sunday/early Monday, fragments, texts, and standalone cantos appear Thursday and/or Friday. To follow the story as a whole, please subscribe to the series.

Because this is a co-authored work, I'm only posting links here.

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