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Once in a great while, you get the kind of comment that you want to take, and build into a house, so you can live in it. This is one of those times. (It's on The Armourer and the Living Weapon, Chapter 6.)

Reshikratia on Chapter 6 Tue 05 Jun 2018 05:17PM PDT

Oh god, this is the worst thing I have ever read and I truly mean it in the most flattery way possible. This hurricane of euphoric psychopathy just makes me smile throughout the whole story and frankly this is so unexpected but blissful that I can't help but feel that this is a masterpiece, a true work of art. As much as I am shocked writing this, this might be my all-time favorite Overwatch AU.

From the deep insight into the eerie place that is Emily's mind, to Tracer's own brand of joyous and optimistic callousness, not to forget the rest of Overwatch as in-name-only heroes that are so messed up their saving the world feels like an adult comedy show. Honorable mention to Moira being extra extra and adding so much flair and gravitas to a completely absurd scenario that actually makes it that much immersive. But, in my opinion, the real star of the show, the one hogging most of the spotlight is your deliciously unrepentant Widow, free of all the angst and glitter that usually keep her company in each of her appearance in this fandom. She's just the perfect blend of cold, magnetic, and efficiently violent. Her matter of fact brutality gives such a counterpoint to the general exuberant violence that this very fucked up character actually feels like the straight (wo)man in this cast of degenerates...

Reading this feel like you've stepped into an alternate reality where up is down and right is left and the completely alien morality that rules it gives this world an almost dream-like quality you can't help but relish in. Each chapter is a nice addition dragging us further down the rabbit hole and leaves us hanging, wanting to know more about this strange universe. It feels like culture shock, like discovering a new people and learning of their traditions, and even as everything you've learnt your whole life screams at you that this is wrong, you can't help but shrug- delighted to explore a whole new world brought about by expanding your perspective- thinking 'heh, this is just the way things work around here". You've crossed the line twice, past absurdist nihilism, straight into believable setting and this kind of whiplash I get at every twist and turn keeps me on my toe and hyper aware. Your writing coaxed out of me this endless cycle of "wait, what?" to "Welp, that happened" to "well, why not?" to "Thinking about it I don't even know why I'm surprised about this..." straight into "wait, what?" again. This is my favorite kind of story, the sort where you're caught into a whirlwind of reactions, that never lets you breath, that makes you feel so happy you're almost dizzy, and as much as you think you know how things will turn out there's always a swerve that throws you off and makes you click on the next chapter with a mix of apprehension and excitation. Any story that can pull that much out of me is an instant win, but the fact that this actually makes me accept, and even crave, things that in any other setting would feel forced and ridiculous makes this a one of a kind pleasure that'll surely stay with me long after I've finished it and will provide incredible amount of reread value...

It's just so cathartic and disturbingly light, this is addictive and I can't get enough... I know the story is complete and I can binge it but your writing was so superb I couldn't hold off commenting any longer... Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for this lovely, tingling, riot of a story, you're a gem and from now on I'll be watching your work very closely.

You've won me over and in only two chapters convinced me to pull an all-nighter, if needed, on this. This made my day so extra hats' off to you!!

There are so many pull-quotes I don't even know where to begin.

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