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A lot of the time lately I've been like "whelp I'm never getting any fucking better at this" and then I start having decent runs like this one and then this one, so maybe there's some hope. I dunno. (gfycat, gfycat)

in other news, i fixed my controller. the scuf controllers are kind of famous for starting to have paddle issues, and the left paddle on mine has been acting up for a bit, and it's out of warranty, yeh? so i started taking it apart because I was pretty sure I could fix it, but then I found this goddamn thing which thankfully one of the people on the widowtracer discord was able to find, it's a "5LH" (Line-Head) bolt, a single-manufacturer Japanese-only tamper-resist bolt (see bottom of page 18) and you get the tool to use with it when you order bolts, apparently? Or you can order them separately? I'm not sure, my Japanese isn't good enough.

so anyway, i said fuck that and IT'S A FLATBLADE SCREW NOW MOTHERFUCKERS and I got the controller opened and the paddle fixed and now see above. VICTORY OVER TAMPER-RESISTANCE!

(Took about half an hour of very careful xacto sawblade work, if you're wondering. Also the controller is a scuf infinity4ps pro for ps4. I really like them a lot but they're not as well made in some ways as they should be for the price.)

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