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We broke 500 pages of story notes.

If you think bzarcher and I have posted a lot of Of Gods and Monsters... well, you're right, we have. But we passed 500 pages of story notes a couple of days ago, too, and I'm looking at that and kind of going what just because it's solidly over 100,000 words of notes.

I feel like goddamn JRR Tolkein over here. (And don't let Christopher muck with this stuff, thanks. Todd McCaffreey also, please lay off. (¬ᴗ¬) )

A lot of these notes are things readers have already seen, in refined form. It includes some very raw partial first-drafts of scenes, written out in chat. It includes a lot of ideas we pursued, first goes at them, some rather different than what came out in the end. And there's an absolute boatload of spoilers still yet to come, along with a bunch of stuff we decided not to do.

I'd kind of love to post some excerpts but there's stuff in the first six pages that we still haven't got to yet, and will.

So, yeah! >100,000 words of notes, >500 pages. And counting.

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