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Hey Internets!

I have a Scuf Infinity 4PS Pro game controller that I've modded a bit. I love this thing, even though I've had to repair it a couple of times, and I've done that myself. But this time is more difficult, because it needs a part, and it's well out of warranty.

I've had a small switch contact plate crack. It's square, probably around 4-5mm edge to edge (I can get precise measurements, I just haven't yet), with a dome that is actuated by an external button, and is pressed down to make contact with contact points on a printed circuit board. ("Metal dome" switch. Sometimes "Tactile dome.")

To make it extra clear: the circuit board is fine. I'm talking about the domed metal switch plate, not the board it's on.

Scuf will not sell me the part, though they do have a repair service, but it would take a couple of weeks and I'd much rather do it myself.

Does anyone have any idea where I'd OEM a replacement, or can this be fabricated, or what?

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