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widowmaker: shooting well front and back, but no win

This was on offence, and I really like what I was doing on my first round out. We steamrolled through the first point and got the payload underway, and I had a... not sure if it's 10 or 11 kill streak, before they managed to take me down and start slowing us.

Unfortunately, by the time we got into the castle, they'd really figured out the kill order and they held. We got close, but didn't quite get there.

Then the turnaround. Unfortunately... they remembered me. I mean, of course they did, right? And we got charged pretty badly. The only time we slowed them down is when they couldn't keep me out of position, and they absolutely halted, and I was shooting 91% scoped, which is madness. But then they managed to take me down again and that was, sadly, that.

But still, in both cases, I'm pretty pleased with my shooting.

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