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The Arc of Conflict, Saga 13: All Fall Out

Alliances, it has been said, are at their weakest on the brink of defeat, and on the brink of victory. After defeating the China Sea omnium, the gods of Oasis offered their help to Russia, to defeat their own Siberian threat, and Russia accepted that offer - but made additional secret plans of their own.

Of Gods and Monsters: The Arc of Conflict
Saga 13: All Fall Out

solarbird and bzarcher

Losing Koschei to a Talon-flagged Russian attack appears, to all observers, to have knocked the gods back, forcing a restart of talks at the UN.

But it also created doubts amongst friends, further damaging alliances already strained. And as the various human and omnic factions try to determine their next moves, some of the individuals involved start to make decisions of their own.

Of Gods and Monsters: The Arc of Conflict is a continuance of The Arc of Ascension, The Arc of Creation, and The Armourer and the Living Weapon. It will be told in a series of eddas, sagas, interludes, fragments, texts, and cantos, all of which serve their individual purposes. To follow the story as it appears, please subscribe to the series.

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