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FINE. I'll do it MYSELF.

Oh, so you don't want to sell your special rack system accessories to north america, weird German bicycle rack maker? Is that how you're going to play it? You're gonna put special agreements in your reseller contracts so none of them can ship here either? Not even on German eBay?


I will reverse-engineer your goddamn system and make it out of matching metal and I'll do it with WOOD TOOLS because THAT'S WHAT I HAVE. I will turn a $5 garage-sale corded drill into a METAL GRINDER. I will turn LEFTOVER ALUMINIUM sized in ENGLISH UNITS into COUNTER-STRESSED SELF-STABLE OBJECTS that fit your METRIC racks and I will do it with my HANDS and SANDPAPER.

And you know what's holding it all together? Do you? Huh? Even after I kind of accidentally tossed it across the room onto the cement floor? See how it stayed together? Perfectly? Unchanged? Do you, German maker of weird bike racks?

It's not glue! It's not screws! It's PRECISION. As in PRECISION. CASCADIAN. ENGINEERING.

And also spite.

But mostly the engineering.

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