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Widowmaker Enjoys the Sights and Shots in Hollywood

I was on fire an awfully long time in this game - once I hit that point I never lost it again - and honestly thought I was going to card for MVP. Instead, I just carded for kills, which makes me wonder about the threshold for that MVP card again.

Were it not for one of those what the fuck is wrong with me moments late in the game, where I missed like eight or nine shots in a row, I'd've been estatic about this performance. I mean, even with that hard slump, this is a well-into-top-1%-scoped-accuracy game, which doesn't say that much as my baseline shooting is top 1% on PS4 generally. But... for a while... for a while, my aim was just intoxicatingly good. For a little while, I don't miss was just the reality of it.

Anyway, there's one shot in particular during the defence of point A which just made me very happy. I'll let you find it. :D

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