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I started lifting again on August 4th, 2017; I posted an update on August 3rd, 2018; it seems like time for a second update. I'll use weights from the August 4th workout.

As with last time, this includes the delta that happened when they replaced all the machines; some of them had different gearing and I ended up going down in weights on four. I've posted a column for "adjusted start weight," which takes the original weight down by the delta. I'm not sure that's really the most accurate way to do it, but it's what I've got.

Let's look at the numbers, shall we? All weights are in pounds.

  start  machine delta  adjusted start 2018current
Chest press50-153590120
Wide grip pulldown50050110150
per hand
per hand
per hand
Overhead Press300306080
Arm Curl4004095110
Tricep Press55055120165
Leg Press85085245285
Leg Extension25025105150
Leg Curl65065115150
Hip Abductor100-5050180/260225/260
Hip Adductor95-5045180225
Ab Crunch50050140+75
new machine
Lower Back Extension70070240260
added later
Shoulder shrug
   per hand
Straight bar pulldown
Calf Extension

I think the thing I'm most pleased with is finally having 1/7th tonne on leg press. It's nice to have larger fractions of a tonne in your weights. And I've maxxed out another machine, which is nice too. Vertical things (overhead press, particularly) continue to be the most difficult part of the workout, other than simple heat dissipation, which is always a weakness I have. (I've found that just swallowing ice whole really helps.)

I've gone back and separated out the "row" exercise numbers to the per-hand basis of the actual workout. This is a little jinky because it started out as an exercise where I used both hands at once, then I switched to alternating hands. Combining the two weights wasn't really legitimate, so I've gone with the per-hand number, since that's how I usually do it.

Also, the ab crunch number is kind of discontinous because, again, a change in machines, but not in the previously-mentioned way. I topped out the old machine at 165, then discovered that one of the new machines worked all four abdominal pairs more directly, and moved to it. It uses some fraction of your own body weight (at least half) and additional weights you select, which is where the +75 comes from. I also found out that the bottom pair of abs had been taking the entire previous year and a half off, and had been doing fuck all, so on the new machine my lowest set is all "WHAT FUCKERY IS THIS?!" and my upper six are all "...are we... doing something?" So I've had to spend a lot of time evening that out.

Since I've been maxxed out on both shoulder shrug and lower back extension for a while, I've been slowly upping the number of reps. Started 15/15, now at 20/20.

And that's all I've got to say, I think. So, yeah! I've got a seventh, I've got a couple of eighths, I've got a ninth, and hopefully by next year I'll have collected more small fractions. Wish me luck!

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