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I've been playing in my head with a short writeup of how angry I am about Penny Arcade Expo

not the show itself, mind you

but the new metal detectors and controlled access and emptying backpacks and purses and how not even any sharp tools are allowed and the loss of the outdoor cosplay hangout areas in the park and the meetups and how much all of this sucks

all due to the fucking epidemic of fascist-influenced angry white men shooting everything in sight

and how i've been at events where gamergate motherfuckers phoned in bomb threats and it's just like "whelp there's another one"

and the fucking airportisation of the whole fucking country and how I'm just so angry about it

and i pop onto my computer after my workout to work on it and before i even get the document open here i am looking at





and we don't know who this is or what motives he may have had or anything about him and we have no idea whether this is political at all or whether he was politicised at all and getting ready for something and got set off early or just, you know, happened to be carrying a semiauto rifle and ready to go

and we just







...but we will.

Until one way or another we can't.

and i'm so appalled by that. i'm so disgusted. i'm dismayed. and yet that's the reality. and we all know it.

i've said a lot, "fascists ruin everything." and they do. and some of them even know it, they just don't care, they want to put boots in faces a few times before everything falls apart, and that's the whole point of it for them.

but fuck, fascists ruin everything.

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