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The Arc of Conflict, Edda 15: Negotiations and Ascensions

This is another backpost of Of Gods and Monsters updates I apparently didn't post here? I honestly don't know how this happened, so... yeah!

The Arc of Conflict, Edda 15: Negotiations and Ascensions
It doesn't necessarily take a goddess to realise what the gods might be doing. It might just take proximity to the Changed - and to have been changed, even a little, yourself.

This begins the second movement of the Arc of Conflict.

It also denotes a behind-the-scenes change.

Due to circumstances entirely outside her control, bzarcher's non-fandom life has become rather complicated. Don't worry, she's not sick, it's nothing like that, but she will be very busy for the foreseeable future. And this means she is officially taking a hiatus from Of Gods and Monsters.

Because a fair lot of what is to come has been written - or at least roughed in - out of order, her name will continue to appear regularly on new instalments, but she won't be doing any additional work on the story during her hiatus. (I don't think she's even had time to read the second half of this instalment, for example.) So if you see that some instalments in future are credited only to Solarbird, that is why. For now, Of Gods and Monsters is a solo project.

I think that if people wanted to wish her the best of luck in her current situation, she would appreciate that very much. I haven't asked her about that - I'm just saying.

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