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some pandemic work log

Yesterday’s project was re-lighting the garage, taking most lighting off the ceiling bare-bulb fixtures and onto LED shop lights in order to both improve the lighting and pull almost a full amp off the overloaded ground floor primary circuit. Hopefully that'll help keep the breaker from tripping. (Paul's upgraded gaming PC draws enough additional power that this became more of an issue. :/ )

The basement now has three separate light groups. set 1 is workshop (four shop lights), 2 is bikes (two shop lights), 3 is stairs and vehicle entry (the original sockets, rebulbed with all the splitters removed).

Half of set 1 is on the same circuit as the garage doors, the other half is on the new (and rather underutilised) server room circuit. Set 2 is on the garage door circuit, which has acres of room. Set 3 is (necessarily) still on the overused ground floor primary circuit, but draws about 84 watts less power than it once did when in use, and since it no longer has to be used for light, 109 watts less when "workshop" and/or "bikes" groups are used instead.

Today's projects were cutting a proper drywall doorway for the attic access I made earlier, a pair of test cuts for some of the trim that needs to be replaced on the ground floor, and most of a new bedroom special-purpose electrical circuit.

Which is where the frustration in the mood comes in because I thought I had just enough wire left on the larger spool to do the whole thing in one length, but no. I was about a metre short. Less even.


I have more wire on another leftover spool, but to make the connections I'm going to need a junction box that I don't have. Hopefully I can pick one up tomorrow at the local hardware store. (And a cover for it and also another outlet plate since the one I had got broken.)

It's all fine and it's not very much more money, it's just I was all "I can finish this entire project in an afternoon" until sad horn noise lol no I can't. ¯\(º_o)/¯

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