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Yes, I went off on Twitter again. It was a little sloppy so this is a tiny bit revised. Says the same thing, though.

[VIDEO excerpt of Donald Trump's departing address. TRUMP: "The world respects us again. Please. Don't. Lose. That. Respect."]

As he says this, the Toronto Globe and Mail is literally running editorials saying Canada may need to intervene in US politics to prop up democracy as a counter to Russian (and etc.) meddling in favour of Trumpist fascism.

No, really. Go read it. The editorialist is wrong about this not being a 'real' insurrection in that they absolutely meant it; he just discounts it as too disorganised and inadequately supported by the military.

Still real though.

I'll have to split this across tweets:

"The U.S., for the foreseeable future, will be the battleground for democracy. If Canada wants democracy to survive, it will have to be an active participant. Obviously, our virtues and our self-interest coincide on this point: ...

...An autocratic U.S. is a massive threat. How do we manipulate its electoral process and its government to serve the interests of global democracy? If we are too squeamish and too conventional to engage, the enemies of democracy, currently rampaging, will go unopposed."

I realised later that a lot of you won't play the clip, because FUCK Trump, right? But here's what he said:

"The world respects us again. Please. Don't. Lose. That. Respect."

As CANADA tries to figure out how to intervene and save democracy in the US.



Just imagine what _other_ countries are trying to figure out.


_Not_ in public.



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