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"This Time - Come Back"

Yes, take today off - but then, come back. [twitter original]

At some point today, I'm going to collapse. But I'm going to beg all of you for something first.

12 years ago, Barack Obama was sworn into office following a disastrous Republican administration, that of Bush II, in the middle of multiple ongoing wars and financial collapse.

Bush II had created and implemented the surveillance state. He'd created and implemented a torture regime which shames this country to this day. He'd invaded Iraq entirely on a structure of lies _they_ called manufactured reality.

Staffers had bragged about it, talking about it as a tool to maintain Republican control... forever.

He'd lost the popular vote on his first term too, by the way - and declared the first day that they intended to govern like they had a mandate. Quick reminder of that.

But then Obama! Hope! Change!

And not _one whit_ of accountability.

Everybody I knew working all this, like we've all been working Trump? Took the day off...

...and almost none of them came back.

I did, though. And when I ripped into Obama over a lot of this...

Well. I'd already lost my conservative friends over Bush II's war crimes, torture, fiscal insanity, for holding him accountable to what were supposedly Republican principles.

This time, I lost my liberal friends.

...who, again, never came back from the vacation.

And that's a big part of how we got _here_.

_We can't do this again._ We just can't. Okay? Last time got us _this_. Imagine another round.

We won't survive it.

So yes, please, do, take today off. I'm literally going to collapse from exhaustion sometime today. I might be asleep for a day or two.

But I am _begging_ you. I am _pleading_ with you.

This time - come back.

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