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"Doubling Down" is all they know

The Senate GOP tried to rule the impeachment and resulting trial unconstitional, so naturally, I went off on Twitter.

Hey everybody - a brief note here.

What the @GOP Party of Sedition is doing now isn't surprising. The surprising part was that for just a moment, it looked like the Capitol being sacked might snap some of them out of it.

Maybe even it did.

But only for a moment.


Literally all the Seditionist Party (@GOP) knows how to do is double down. That's all they've got. It's all they've had for years.

So now they're doubling down again because they can't do anything else.

It's up to @SenateDems to make that as clear to the public as possible.


The entire anti-election/anti-democracy party media - particularly but not just Fox News - will continue to shovel revisionist history, making up bullshit wholesale.

The critical thing to do now is _not let that stand_. At any moment. Truth is truth. Give _no_ ground.


It has to be made UNAVOIDABLY CLEAR that this was a long effort to prevent an election from having any other outcome than Trump keeping power. That this was the plan from the start. As each step failed, they ramped it up, not down, culminating in sacking the Capitol. @SenateDems


It has to be made UNAVOIDABLY CLEAR that a vote against conviction is cast in the face of the raw fact that Trump and the Seditionist @GOP tried to end democratic elections in this country - and that those voting against conviction stand _against the republic_. @SenateDems


This has to be somewhere beyond obvious, because the only way out of this is to keep those who stand against free and fair elections - and are willing to launch an insurrection to change their outcomes - from having ANY power. @SenateDems


So people need to know this, and need to know where the Seditionist Republican Party stands.

That it stands for authoritarianism, with their guy in charge.

The vote has to be _that stark_. @SenateDems


It's not very small-d democratic to have to talk that way. Sorry. It's even more not capital-D Democratic, but I'm fine with that. But it is the power situation in this moment.

If there is to be a fourth republic, the Seditionist @GOP as we know it has to be burnt to the ground.


And the way you do that is by keeping it out of power until something else arises to replace it. Authoritarians only care, in the end, about the having of power. Losing is weakness, and anathema.


Which is why keeping them out of power matters more than anything else.

No power means no money means no election campaigns means no party means authoritarian politics lose again.

At least, for now. I suppose it's an eternal fight. But it is particularly pitched right now.


So there's your mandate, @SenateDems - you have to make it _unavoidably clear_ that the Seditionist @SenateGOP will support overturning elections they don't win by any means necessary, including insurrection.

Make it clear that, given the chance, they _will end the Republic_.


After all.

They've already tried.

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