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CONVICT, Senate GOP - or declare your treason to all.

Written on Twitter, of course. Here's the original twitter thread.

If you missed it, @SenateGOP - some of you did, looking down, ignoring reality, going LA LA LA I CAN'T HEAR YOU, like @RandPaul - here's the impeachment manager's video.

There is literally no way that voting for acquittal is anything less than treason.

And what's amazing about this is how much they left out.

The chanting calling for the death of Mike Pence for failing to illegally overturn an election result.

The calls for Nancy Pelosi's execution.

The overhead shot of Trump's mob beating a policeman to death.

The shots we have of active members of a strike force knowing their way around the building.

Of having inside knowledge of targets, of _private_ offices, of specific locations of Democratic legislators.

I suppose they're saving that for further into the trial.

But @SenateGOP - you all already know it happened.

You also know the majority of the @HouseGOP voted to do what the insurrectionists demanded:

Overturn a legal election and install Donald Trump as president against the will of the people.

_You know this._

That, @SenateGOP, is why anything other than a vote to convict is treason.

This was sedition, an insurrection, a plan to overturn an election loss, stoked for a _year_. In _public_.

Most of you went along.

Your _only_ way out - if you even have one - is to convict.

Convict, @SenateGOP. Convict, or declare your sedition - your betrayal of oaths, your treason to the constitution - yet again to the world.

I'll always hold you in contempt. But convict, and maybe - just maybe, you won't all go down in history as the seditious filth you are.

Convict, @SenateGOP.


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