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There are no more checks on Presidential power.

There are no more checks on Presidential power. None at all. From twitter, like I do. There's a lot of tagging on this one because I wanted it all over the Senate GOP and GOP party notifications - for whatever little that could possibly be worth.

Impeachment fails. The Third American Republic is dead at the hands of the @GOP - and there are _no_ checks on Presidential power. None at all.

The "Party of Small Government" is the party of _sedition_, the party of _unchecked power_, and the party of would-be _dictators_.

[quoted tweet from Charlotte Clymer] - 43 Republicans in the Senate saw our U.S. Capitol attacked by white supremacists after Trump encouraged obstruction and violence and chose to take the coward’s way out. History will remember this. We’ll make damn sure of it.


The @GOP must be burned to the ground. There's no more margin for error. There are literally no repercussions for attempted violent overthrow of an election and the literal storming of Congress by a partisan crowd.

The @SenateGOP - minus seven, thank you - are traitors.


What the treasonous seditionists of the @SenateGOP have just done is validated large-scale violence to attain and maintain power.

This is an out-and-out green light for insurrection by the @GOP. They know there will be no consequences that matter.


Not once you have your hand on some lever of government.

It's like a new Brezhnev Doctrine, but for Republicans. No Republican may lose power, and all other Republicans must intervene - **with violence** - to prevent that loss.

That's the @GOP. The party of sedition has spoken.


I don't know how to make this any more clear, more real, more urgent. I'm not joking, I'm not exaggerating, I'm not _spinning_ this fucking thing.

President Trump launched an insurrection to overturn an election through force.

The Seditionist @GOP just said that's fine.


The @SenateGOP are seditionists and oathbreakers. The @GOP is an active enemy of a small-r republic/small-d democratic state.

And I'm not convinced that even _after this_, the @SenateDems and @HouseDemocrats get it.

The Third American Republic is dead. The @GOP just killed it.


And now look what's trending.

[SCREENCAP: Politics - Trending - TRUMP 2024]

Everything until 2024 will be sabotage, under the "their country or no country" philosophy. (See: )

The @GOP will nominate him, or someone like him, again.

It will get violent, and that's okay.

Their country or no country.


I know the Democrats suck. Okay? Long-time queer activist here. I know how much they suck in _intricate detail_. Don't @ me about it, I FUCKING KNOW.

But the only way to avoid a Christian Nationalist dictatorship is to keep the GOP out of power forever.

Whatever that takes.


I wish I had another answer. But reality isn't giving me one. But reality doesn't give a fuck about what I want. Never has.

The Third American Republic is dead. The @GOP just killed it. Deal with that, or it'll deal with you...


And the @SenateGOP will approve.

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