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delivery person snack box

I got asked about my delivery-person snack box over on Facebook, so I thought I'd repeat my answer and pictures as a separate post in case anyone else is curious.

(I've received several thank-you notes from people, and been told a couple of times by delivery and ex-delivery people now doing other jobs that they absolutely survive on these things so please keep doing it.)


I keep mine in a cooler, due to weather reasons. This one is a good mix of cost and size. Delivery people are on tight schedules so the sign needs to be simple and clear. Mine says "Snacks for you!" on top and "SNACKS" on the front.

Snacks are all inside the cooler. The drinks are in a separate plastic bin to control condensation happening due to the cold packs. I have two sets that I swap out of the freezer. The food snacks are mostly in a box that I lined with shelf vinyl to provide an additional barrier, and the chips are something new I'm trying.

The drinks are just stuff we drink. The snacks I buy in assortment packs at Costco. We eat some of them too, but not most of them.

The lid stays on - they're willing to take the lid off if it's clear they're supposed to - which is good both for hot weather tolerance and keeping rain and snow out.

And that's how my delivery person snack box works. It wasn't my idea, I stole it from a viral video a couple of years ago. That person just had snacks out in a basket, so that works too. But our front porch isn't sheltered enough to do that in rainy season or summer, but from different angles, so I came up with this.

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