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that was a long time


The coda is posted. (See my previous post.) The Arc of Conflict is over, final total 132,428 words, across 30 months.

It's been a ... lot.

And it's gone very differently than we originally thought - though by the time I was working on that one (and bzarcher was mostly - and still is mostly - on hiatus) it was clear how far things had diverged, even if the ending remained the same.

A lot of Overwatch fandom have drifted away. Nothing gets the kind of traffic it used to, which is a shame from my standpoint. I've got a dedicated number of people reading, of course, but nothing like the numbers that we used to have, and I miss that.

Nothing to be done for it, of course. And I don't really know how you tell this story outside of this universe - at least, not without another novel written in front of everything else that comes first! - so if I want to keep telling it, I'll be staying here.

And really, I rather do, so... I guess I am!

Maybe Overwatch 2 will revive the fandom. I hope so. It'd be nice.

Until then, hey - another novel under the belt, eh?

Not bad, really. If I do say so for myself.

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