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god FUCKING dammit

Something I kept harping on and people kept blowing off is that at least 20% of pre-vaccine asymptomatic COVID-19 patients had long-term organ damage. It was more on Twitter other places where I'm more politically active these days, but still - remember that? Remember?

Oh look, it's the chickens:

"Hundreds of thousands of Americans have sought medical care for post-COVID health problems that they had not been diagnosed with before becoming infected with the coronavirus, according to the largest study to date of long-term symptoms in COVID-19 patients.


"Post-COVID health problems were common even among people who had not gotten sick from the virus at all, the study found. While nearly half of patients who were hospitalized for COVID-19 experienced subsequent medical issues, so did 27% of people who had mild or moderate symptoms and 19% of people who said they were asymptomatic."

This is another part of the Trump/Republican/fascist legacy. The aftermath of this will last decades.

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