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when your photo goes viral - attributed to someone else

Via a friend, I see that Andy Richter RTed Dan Price's uncredited repost of my photo too. That's pretty wide audience, and I imagine how it made it to The 98%, to show up reposted by someone in my Facebook feed, attributed to Dan.

Not gonna lie, it's a frustration

I mean, it's one thing for a bunch of people to repost without credit, it's the internet, that happens.

But seeing it attributed to one of the dudes who reposted it without credit?

That stings.

I think it'd be different if it was some random snapshot, I take a lot of those too, but I mean, I took it for a political reason, took the time to compose it clearly and with no one identifiably in the shot (the place was packed), and posted about it, again, politically.

Ah well. Nothing to be done for it, unless I start throwing up DMCAs - which I oppose on principle, so won't be doing.

But when I release work CC, I do mark it Attribution, and while I didn't release this as CC yet, the principle of the thing still holds:

Credit. The. Artist.

And don't credit some asshole who reposted my photo without attribution or permission.

Jeez, kids.

(My original June 12 photopost, from which all this came)

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