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in response to anarchist shit going around on tumblr

If your lefty/anarchic rhetoric includes condemning people for voting and using fascist rhetoric when doing so (particularly "orange man bad," goddamn that's a tell), I have two possible reactions.

1. The realistic one, which is that you're a fascist running an op.

2. The kinder one, which is that you're a complete - and I do mean complete - fool, because either:

a. You genuinely believe that doing the one thing that might actually remove the white supremacist anti-semite using a plague to inculcate people to the idea that it's literally better to die yourself than to take any action whatever to prevent the deaths of yourself and your friends is a bad thing

(particularly given its relevance in the face of climate disaster)

- or -

b. You're unable to recognise a pretty fucking obvious fascist operator in your midst.

In neither case are you worth my time - much less, to paraphrase OP, my trust.

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