January 6th, 2011


While we’re waiting for the mastering to be finished…

Let’s have a raffle!

I’ve made a few Advance Review Copies (ARCs) of the pre-master Dick Tracy Must Die. This is the complete album, with a bunch of final mixing changes and a couple of new vocal performances that you almost certainly haven’t heard yet. Lookie:

To enter the raffle, comment here by Monday, January 10th saying that you are willing to post a public review of the ARC by the end of January 2011, and give me a way to contact you directly. (I’ll need a physical mailing address to send you the CD.) All comments will be screened and left screened unless otherwise requested. Winner will be chosen by random number generator, one entry per person. Good luck!

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Irish Session FTW

Wednesday night, Anna and I hit our first Irish Session – the first night of a new one, down at A Terrible Beauty in Renton. Yeah, it was awesome:

Photo by Liz Jackson

Thanks to Matt for organising it and Annie for inviting us; it ruled. There will be more. Click here for Anna’s super-detailed write-up.

Today I wrote a new version of a traditional song – Old Black Rum (West Coast Style). I’ll be recording that for Not Quite Trad O’ th’ Month, tomorrow. (Check Great Big Sea’s version here.) Frankly, I’ve never been able to hear the line about the “queen of George Street” without having a very different vision to the original, so my version’s all Riot Grrl Dykes her Way Across Queertown Vancouver, j0. XD Want a copy? Sign up for the mailing list. Or wait ’till it’s on the downloads page, but then you gotta pay for it.

DON’T FORGET: Enter the no-cost post-a-review raffle for an Advance Review Copy of Dick Tracy Must Die today! Or at least before Monday, the deadline. Go! Now!

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