February 8th, 2011


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If there is one person or more on your friends list who makes your world a better place just because they exist and who you would not have met (in real life or not) without the internet, then post this same sentence in your journal. ♥

*beams at you*

Your Tentative Norwescon 34 Filk/Music Programming Grid

This is NOT officially final, but it won't change if we can help it, other than the one unconfirmed event on Sunday either filling in with details or going away. Enjoy:
We have an entirely new concert night, expanding into Thursday. It's experimental and I hope people turn out to support it! We have several performers at Norwescon for the first time ever, such as Electric Children, Leannan Sidhe, Fighter X, Starlight, and The Heather Dale Band, who we really want to thank for coming in all the way from Ontario on their own dime. PRAISE THEM! XD

This year's experimental panel is Cascadia's Got Talent!, which we thought about calling Cascadia's Got a Gong Show!, and to be honest the intent a lot more like the latter than the former. BRING YOUR WEIRD TALENTS! SHOW THEM TO US!

Also, I'm hoping people will treat this as an open mic, since I haven't managed to wedge in a two-by-tens panel. If you have a new song to try out or you just want some audience time, this is also your panel. Please join in! Don't worry, we won't gong people who aren't asking for it.

Oh, and does anybody have a biiiiig gong we can borrow? 'Cause I want one. XD

Assuming the unconfirmed item on Sunday happens, we've expanded to 25 hours of music programming, not counting overnight open filk. (Without it, it's still an expansion, at 24.) Daily programming begins at 11am, in general; there's a lunch break at 1pm; your dinner break is at 6pm. There's a bit of a time off on Saturday for everyone wanting to go to the art show, dealer room, things like that. We tried to keep everything physically closer together this time, and mostly succeeded, tho' not completely.

I'm getting excited. Are you getting excited?

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Is there anywhere better than CDbaby for bar codes?

So Tom Smith linked to this incredibly relevant to our interests article today, featuring this graph:

Plays Share and Growth

So! My agenda is clear and obvious!

1. GET THE FUCK ONTO YOUTUBE. Okay! Have to shoot a video! That’s fun. And:

2. GET THE FUCK ONTO PANDORA. Can do, sport! This one’s much easier to at least attempt. But I need to go ahead and get something I was going to get anyway:

A UPC barcode or several. One right away for Dick Tracy Must Die, more later. I know CD Baby is a decent place to get them but I’ve also heard they’ve kinda started sucking lately. Is there a better place or are they still okay?

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