February 10th, 2011


Final mastering session on Tuesday

We have our final mastering session on Tuesday! Shortly after that, we’ll have what should be the final disc master. Hopefully on the following Friday, we’ll have the funding to get duplicates made! Anna was listening to the current test master last night, and is really impressed with what a good mastering studio can do, so that’s pretty exciting!

Of course, I have to listen to it another zillion times before Tuesday, and honestly, that’s not exciting, because it’s like reading your own novel into the ground – most of what you hear are the things you’d like to do better. So I took a few days away from it and listened to the test master again, earlier this week, and I gotta tell you – I’m proud of this thing. I may suck at PR and I may not be good at talking people into caring, but this is a fucking good first album.

As I type, we’re at about 77% of duplicator funding on Kickstarter, with a week to go. (It says eight days, but it’s seven and a half, and counting down as I type.) If we don’t make 100% of target, then we actually end up with 0% of funding, and I admit I’m getting pretty nervous. If you’re already a backer, thank you so much – and I hate to ask more of you, but could you post about the project? One word from you is worth a hundred times any number of words from me, because you’re not the ones with the vested interest.

If you’re not because things are just too tight right now – well, for various reasons reasons, this whole last decade has been pretty hard on us, too, long before the Great Recession started. I understand. But you can still back us informally, if you want, by reposting about the album and the project to get it made.

Because, honestly? We won’t make funding on the strength of my talking about it. There isn’t one curve projection that shows us making funding that way. But you guys talking – that changes it. Here are the URLs:

Kickstarter URL:

Band website:


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