March 6th, 2011


Counting up the numbers

So I'm trying to figure out how many CD package books and backs I need to make initially. That's based on pre-orders, mostly, but I know some people won't pre-order but will still intend to buy a copy. Is that you?

Poll #1714433 Physical CD survey

Do you think you'll buy a physical CD of Dick Tracy Must Die?

Yes! I already have one coming (sponsor, backer, etc).
Yes! I'm going to pre-order, but haven't yet.
Yes! But I don't want to pre-order.
No, I prefer the digital tracks.
No, it's not for me.
I like tickyboxes!

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Why pre-orders exist

Anna says I should explain why you do CD pre-orders. Okay! Two reasons:

1) Figuring out how many booklets and cover backs to print, and how to print them. If I have over a certain number, offset printing is the way to go. Below that, it’s DYI. (My DYI will look professional. It always has.)

For this, I just need a future count. If you’re on Livejournal, here’s a poll I’d love you to fill out. If not, let me know you’re gonna want a CD some other way. ^_^

2) Paying for printing. If I go DIY, that costs money in supplies. I have access to an eight-colour professional printer I can use myself for the colour sheets, but I’ll have to buy a lot of special inks, paper, and so on, for it.

I’d rather go offset – it’s easier – but I dropped a good chunk of change out of pocket on mastering. Worth it? Yes! But not cheap.

Here’s a greyscale laser-printer rough of the design. The booklet is eight pages, with extensive liner notes. Picture this in full colour:

All this will be in colour.

These’ll be full colour too, of course.

I’d like to run the numbers by the 12th; one way or another, I need CDs by April.

Whaddya think, sirs?

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