April 1st, 2011


A cameo!

Recently, we got a request - well, more of a demand, really - to do one particular traditional song, now embedded below. It came from a trio of vocalists you have almost certainly heard, and might well recognise; they've been around a while. We're very excited to have had the unavoidable opportunity to work with them! Give a listen, and see if you don't recognise the guest performers on this, the new Trad o' th' Month:

And since embedding seems fantastically broken today - seriously, this is where my player is supposed to be, and LJ's editor is actively editing out my player, no, I'm not joking, I have a support request open - pretend this is a player and clickie!

|> In Sunshine or in Shadow

CRIME and the Forces of Evil feat. guest vocals by​.​.​.
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Whaddya think, sirs?