May 6th, 2011

banzai institute

I forgot all about this

This popped back into my head the other day; I think I came up with most of it when I was in grad school.
The Postdoc's Prayer

Our advisor, who art in research,
Funded be thy lab.
Thy postdocs scrum,
around the rum,
on Friday, sometime 'round eleven.
Give us this day our papers read,
and forgive us our hangovers,
as we forgive those fucking geologists,
who never turn off their rock grinder,
no matter how nicely we ask.
For thine is the key,
to the storeroom, with the enzymes,
and all of our data.
By the way, I am not making this up: I did my genetics work in the laboratories of Drs. Davy and Grace Jones. Which were down the hall from a geology annex. With a rock grinder.

(A musician now, you say?)