June 20th, 2011


oh so many bits and pieces

Hi, mobsters and gunsels! It’s been a busy week.

I had fun playing a half-set at the Mandolin Cafe open mic last night – they’re under new management! But not with our, aheh, assistance. I hope it goes well for them, it’s a nice place. I went down expecting to play two and be off, but they do a base set of three, and I got to go back on again later. People seemed to like it; that was cool.

Most of my time the last week or so, though, has been hauling murkworks.net out of, oh, 2000ish?, and into 2011. We were l33t, once – we’re giving up a Class C we’ve had since 1993, thank you very much

Created on: 03-DEC-96
Expires on: 02-DEC-12
It was murkworks.seattle.wa.us before that, and lorbit.UUCP before that

…and while we’re not going to go back to that particular kind of awesome, our new pipes throw us back into the top 7%, which I gotta tell you, does not suck.

We’ve also gone through cleaning out a lot of cruft (some of that even physical goods), thrown Frontier (damn them to hell) out on its decrepit aluminium ass, ditched Sprint entirely, deleted one landline (keeping one for 911 calls), pulled the DirecTV dish off the roof, and basically have been putting the starch back into all our infrastructure shirts. Spring is finally here. It’s time for some cleaning.

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