June 25th, 2011


much better than any old lamp XD

OMG! <3

Perpetual Ceilidh Award, Tacoma Highland Games
(Given each year to the best of the Ceildh performers)

Fuck yeah, Mudkips!

Red McWilliams, who runs the stage there, made a point of making sure I knew. Thank you so much! <3 Walking onto the grounds today and seeing that on the official plaque? Awesome.

(Annie Henry won in 2008! Hi Annie! eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!! <3)

I just wish I could’ve played there this weekend, too, but, well, conflicts and bah humbug. Next year, I hope!

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Scottish field games consist entirely of burly Scots throwing odd objects in strange ways.

Exhibit A

Exhibit B

Also, there are dogs the size of small ponies, and bagpipe marching bands. I liked both. The dogs are very friendly and extremely slobbery. Also, they have heads the size of ... I don't even know. Much larger than a breadbox. Seriously, they're like small ponies. Only, you know, slobbery.


Possibly a pony

I wandered around looking at all the tents of all the clans represented (of which there were many) and ran into Red, who I haven't seen since last year, and that was very nice. And I met some new people! Who may find their way here, or at least to the band website. Hi, new people!

Finally, here, have another photo of a burly Scot throwing something heavy:

Exhibit Burly

It's very strange, but kind of charming, really. I had a good time. ^_^